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The most advanced technology is nothing without integrity and commitment to service.

Building a better, smarter future with renewable energy is our passion — our avocation even — as well as our livelihood.  We believe that smart, sustainable use of energy is key to a long, happy, and productive future for the entire planet.  

We also believe that true commitment to sustainability doesn't end when you clock out. The SunGreen team not only works green, we live green, 7 days a week – from charging our EVs (electronic vehicles) on Sunday, to volunteer community projects on Saturday.

We believe that living sustainably means helping make sure our community is green and healthy too. Giving back is core to who we are.  We are proud to work with effective organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Power to the People (now part of GRID Alternatives).

We aren't living this way to be better than anyone else. We do this to be our best. To be true to ourselves.

If you share the values we believe in, then the SunGreen lifestyle might be right for you, too.