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The quality of a system is only as good as its parts

At SunGreen Systems, we want our customers to rest easy, knowing that every component of their system is reliable and fully warrantied. Given how much care we put into designing and installing your system, how could we feel any other way? We've found that well-established, diversified, name brand companies deliver the best product. That's why we partner with top-tier manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Sharp.

When your modules have a warranty for 25 years and a life expectancy of 40-50, it's nice to know that their manufacturer has been around nearly 100. Mitsubishi Electric is a long-established, financially strong, well-diversified powerhouse.

Mitsubishi modules, manufactured in high-quality facilities in Japan, have the lowest fail rate in the industry and have never been subject to recall. (SunPower's module failure rate is 500 times higher.) SunGreen is proud to be Mitsubishi Electric's preferred vendor for Southern California.

With 100+ years as a product innovator, 50 years in solar and 10-year performance guarantees, Sharp Electronics has the experience and stability to be our first choice for smart battery system supplier. If you have your heart set on equipment from another manufacturer, let us know. We'll research it and let you know our recommendations. We want to make sure you're happy with every aspect of your system. After all, you're going to spend the next 25 years with it!