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The future belongs to the ones
who look forward.

SunGreen Systems' solar and design expertise plus the smartest sustainable energy technology is your path to greater productivity and a truly modern way of doing business. 

Existing commercial buildings spend 30% of their operating budget on utility costs and are responsible for nearly 50% of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

Most people want to be smarter about energy use to

  • Save money
  • Gain energy independence, security, predictability and control
  • Increase property value
  • Gain control over their power use
  • Protect the planet and the future by reducing their contribution to harmful greenhouse gases 

You can make energy and water work more efficiently for you. With our background in architecture, design, construction and engineering, we can help. 

1. Assess your energy use and needs

The first step to your sustainable energy future is to realistically assess your current use and needs, looking at the whole picture over the long term.

Not sure how? We do!

The SunGreen process includes a detailed assessment of your building, budget, and energy usage history.

We'll check for common energy wasters and help you precisely understand your consumption and demand so that you can use electricity most efficiently, and at the lowest cost.


2. Know your options

Knowledge is power, and can save power. The next step is to learn about your options and develop a long-term plan. We can help you find the solution that maximizes efficiency, cost-savings and sustainability.

We use the best tech and the best practices in solar power, smart battery systems, LED lighting and other sustainable upgrades.


solar PV energy systems

Solar PV

Installing a solar PV system can drastically cut or even eliminate your electricity bill and give you energy independence and control, all while helping the environment.
smart battery systems

Smart Battery Systems

Add an advanced energy storage and management (AES, or smart battery) system to precisely control your demand on the grid for a more powerful and efficient solution.
LED lighting systems

LED Lighting Systems

Even simple changes like upgrading to LED lighting products can decrease the energy you use for lighting by half or more.
cool roof systems

Energy Efficient "Cool" Roof

A cool roof reflects sunlight and cools itself by efficiently emitting radiation to its surroundings. A high efficiency cool roof will reduce your energy costs and save energy on heating and cooling. Plus, modernizing your old roof when you install solar is a smart way to bring down costs and to stretch your upgrading budget.

3. Find the right energy partner

Last, shop around for a partner who will design and install a system to meet your goals (not their quotas).

Take a look at what the others offer, then give us a call. We think you'll notice the difference right away. Our experience in architecture, design, construction and engineering, enables us to offer a comprehensive renewable energy experience at a reduced price that most others can't match.