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SunGreen Systems Builds New 521 kW Solar System for the Anaheim-based firm, YKK U.S.A.

New Photovoltaic Installation Delivers 97.6% Power for Anaheim Zipper Manufacturer

Sun Green Anaheim Rooftop Solar Solution

SunGreen Systems is expert in the design and construction of commercial solar systems. SunGreen specializes in the production of sustainable, smart energy solutions.  

SunGreen has designed and installed a new 521.5 KW solar power system in Anaheim, CA, for YKK U.S.A., Inc. This new photovoltaic system generates a lot of power.  Enough to meet 97.6 percent of the energy needs of YKK’s zipper manufacturing facility.  Of particular note, this is the fourth largest solar array in operation in the city of Anaheim.

SunGreen designed and installed this system using 1,968 solar panels provided by Mitsubishi Electric. The total power output for the new solar system is 521.5 kW of DC power, with an annual power capacity of 843,336 kWh. The new solar installation delivers all the power needed for YKK’s Anaheim plant.  This solar solution helps to fulfill the company’s mission of environmental protection.  It also helps to ensure sustainability for YKK's global operations.

“This is the first solar system we designed and installed for YKK.  We are proud of this project,” said Rick Hsu, CEO of SunGreen Systems. “This solar installation will be able to meet all YKK’s power requirements. It will help YKK to reduce greenhouse gases and to promote sustainable operations worldwide.”

The new YKK solar system in Anaheim will offset 896 tons of carbon dioxide each year.  This amount is the same as an estimated 27,000 tons of CO2 over the life of the solar system. This will have the same effect as planting 4,484 trees each year, or 134,520 trees over the life of the system.

Using solar power at YKK’s Anaheim facility is a goal for the company. It supports the company’s 1994 Environmental Charter.  YKK supports conservation and preserving natural resources for future generations. YKK has 109 affiliated organizations.  YKK affiliates are located in more than 70 countries, with more than 39,000 employees.

About SunGreen Systems

SunGreen Systems offers sustainable energy solutions. SunGreen builds commercial solar, LED lighting, cool roof systems, and battery backup power systems. SunGreen serves its customers as solar and energy consultants.  They are designers, engineers, architects, general contractors, and customer service specialists.


This Commercial Solar Solution was Installed in Anaheim, CA, for YKK, USA 

Industry: Manufacturing

Products Used: Mitsubishi Diamond ProSystem Size: 1,968 Solar Panel Modules

Energy Capacity: 521.5 W

Environmental Benefits:

This amount of CO2 offset is the equivalent of planting 4,484 trees every year.

For life of system 134,520 trees would have to be planted to offset this amount of CO2.

SunGreen became YKK's service provider by offering the best solution at the best price. SunGreen communicated the details of its installation process in a clear and understandable way.

SunGreen managed to win approval from many groups of business owners. SunGreen gained full trust of this major international company. Reviews occurred at the site itself in Anaheim (done by the building operators). Reviews also occurred at YKK's North American HQ in Georgia, and at the company's International HQ in Japan. SunGreen met every need.

SunGreen also created and coordinated its construction schedule with care. At every level, SunGreen did this to meet the needs of both the customer and the tenant. SunGreen designed exterior stairway access to the building roof.  This access met customer requirements. The customer had proprietary equipment that was sensitive to being photographed or seen. SunGreen also designed a security system around the exterior access of this building.