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In Cerritos, SunGreen Systems Completes Installation of 204.52 kW Commercial Solar PV System

Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) System Expected to Meet 93% of Allstate Floral’s Energy Needs

CERRITOS, Calif. (February 2016) –

Sun Green Cerritos CA Rooftop Solar PV Solution

SunGreen Systems has completed a new 203.52 kW photovoltaic power system. This solar system is in Cerritos, Calif., at the Allstate Floral facility. The new, commercial solar power system provides 93 percent of the company’s current electrical load.

SunGreen Systems designed and installed a premium solar array for Allstate Floral. This system has 768 solar panels. Allstate Floral is one of California's top importers of beautiful silk and artificial flowers. Allstate also offers high quality greenery, and home accessories. The solar panels in this rooftop array are made by Mitsubishi Electric. This new solar system delivers 203.52 watts of DC power with an annual production of 330,997 kWh.

“For Allstate Floral, SunGreen has designed one of the largest solar installations in Cerritos. This system demonstrates the value that any company can get from solar energy,” said Rick Hsu, CEO of SunGreen Systems.

“In Los Angeles County, companies are seeing a larger return on their solar investment.  They are not only reducing energy costs, but reducing pollution as well. We hope to continue our relationship with Allstate Floral. We can provide solar power for the company’s other buildings.”

This solar array will reduce Allstate Floral’s energy costs. It will also have a significant, positive environmental impact. This new solar system will prevent 146.64 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year in Cerritos. It will also end emissions of 3,668.8 tons for the expected life of the system. That’s equal to planning 60 acres of trees every year, or 1,500 acres of trees for the life of the system.

Cerritos, CA: Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Installation

This Commercial Solar PV System was Installed in Cerritos, CA, for Allstate Floral

Description: Rooftop
Installed: November 2015
Industry: Home Decor

Products Used: Mitsubishi Electric : Diamond Pro 265W, PV-MJE264FD, Mono / Inverter: Solectria PVI 28KW (480)

System Size: 768 modules, and 8 inverters

Capacity: 203.52 kw DC

CO2 Reduced: 3667 tons

Environmental Benefits:

This amount of CO2 offset is equal to planting 1,070 trees every year. For the life of this system, 32,100 trees would have to be planted to offset this amount of CO2.

Trees planted: 60 acres