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SunGreen Systems Inc. Builds 183 kW Solar PV System and Sustainable LED Lighting in Azusa, CA. 

Combination of LED Lights and Solar Power Results in Large Energy Savings.  A Green Lighting System for Mortech Manufacturing.

Sun Green Azusa CA Rooftop Solar Solution

SunGreen Systems is expert in the design and construction of commercial solar systems. SunGreen specializes in the production of sustainable, smart energy solutions.  

SunGreen has designed and built a new photovoltaic (PV) system for Mortech Manufacturing of Azusa, CA.  Mortech makes quality anatomy equipment and instruments for post-mortem facilities.

SunGreen has been able to help Mortech Manufacturing realize a great deal of savings. This has been achieved through a combination of sustainable solar power and LED lighting.

SunGreen Systems designed and installed a premium 183.4 kW solar array for Mortech Manufacturing. This solar system is one of the largest solar arrays in Azusa. It will offset almost 100 percent of Mortech’s total building electrical load.

As part of the installation, SunGreen worked with LED Power Saver of Santa Clarita, Calif., to install LED lighting. Also as part of this project, SunGreen has replaced 900 conventional lamps. This work has led to a savings of 50 percent of the company's lighting energy cost. This has produced an estimated annual savings of $19,000 in energy and maintenance costs. Due to the large savings from this LED lighting system, SunGreen has also been able to specify a smaller PV system.  SunGreen has helped Mortech to meet its energy needs at considerable savings.

“This has been a key project for SunGreen Systems,” said Rick Hsu, CEO of SunGreen Systems. “The combination of solar power and low-energy LED lighting saves energy.  It also delivers better quality, broader spectrum lighting without glare or discoloration. LED lighting boosts the mood of the Mortech staff at the same time it saves on operational overhead.”

By adopting renewable solar energy and LED lighting,

Using this system, Mortech will end 1,257,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.  It will also end emissions of 4,192 pounds of sulfur dioxide.  This will end emissions of 2.096 pounds of nitrogen dioxide.   This will also end emissions of 3,753 grams of mercury from florescent lamps. The positive environmental impact this has will be the same as planting 145 acres of trees or removing 96 automobiles from the roads.

About SunGreen Systems

SunGreen Systems offers sustainable energy solutions. SunGreen builds commercial solar, LED lighting, cool roof systems, and battery backup power systems. SunGreen serves its customers as solar and energy consultants.  They are designers, engineers, architects, general contractors, and customer service specialists.

Mortech Manufacturing

This Commercial Solar & LED Lighting Solution was Installed in Azusa, CA, for Mortech Manufacturing, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Products Used: Mitsubishi Diamond ProSystem Size: 692 Solar Panel Modules

Energy Capacity: 183.4 W

Environmental Benefits:

This amount of CO2 offset is the equivalent of planting 1,570 trees every year.

For life of system 47, 100 trees would have to be planted to offset this amount of CO2.

This manufacturer was looking for a holistic approach. SunGreen built a solution that became the largest solar system ever proposed to the City of Azusa, CA.

SunGreen completed work at many installation locations in Azusa.  These would be tracked by a single meter.

SunGreen ensured that the installation process itself did not disturb local business operations.

At first, SunGreen reviewed this building's operational needs. SunGreen lowered onsite energy usage by retrofitting the building with LED lighting. SunGreen performed this lighting retrofit and lowered actual energy usage by 30%.

SunGreen also reduced original solar PV system size.  This helped the company to meet this new reduced energy usage. This also saved money and lowered payback time.

SunGreen worked in partnership with the building department in Azusa.  SunGreen helped to educate and familiarize all parties with the installation process.

SunGreen designed a well-engineered system to make use of many roofs. SunGreen communicated and executed on a well-thought out construction schedule. In the end, all parties were aware of the installation progress and knew just what to expect.