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The sun gives us heat, light, food and the air we breathe.
Why stop there?

Solar from SunGreen will help your business in many ways.

The cost of energy with solar is now significantly less than the grid.  We'll say that again: the price of electricity you generate from your own solar panels will be less than the retail price of power bought from your utility.  That’s right!  In SoCal, businesses now pay 11-14 cents/kWh.  The levelized cost of energy over 30 years from a solar PV system purchased from SunGreen is 1.75-2 cents/kWh! (With financing, it's still much cheaper at 3-4 cents/kWh.) By installing solar with SunGreen today, you will lock in a rate significantly below the utility's and drastically cut your energy bill.  If you purchase your system, you'll receive a 30% federal tax credit.  Our typical solar PV system pays for itself in 3- 5 years.  (Don't delay!  Your system must be in service by December 31, 2016, to receive the 30% federal tax credit.)

Efficiency & Productivity
Are you wasting power with antiquated lighting and unnecessary peak usage?  We'll help you eliminate waste before we design your system so that it is the smallest possible to meet your needs.  Add a smart battery system to level out your demand and improve efficiency while saving you even more money.  Smart battery systems and other sustainable energy upgrades.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
We all want to preserve our beautiful Earth for our children and beyond.  When we draw power from the sun, we greatly reduce our share in the production of harmful greenhouse gases. A typical home solar installation offsets 250,000 pounds of CO2, the equivalent of 3 acres of trees per year. Commercial systems offset many times more. That's good for your business, your community and our future.

Independence, Control & Predictability
Dependence on fossil-fueled electricity from the grid is a liability.  You need affordable power at a predictable price.  And you can have it, directly from your own roof.  Solar will liberate you from unpredictable utility rate increases and enable you to calculate exactly how much energy your system produces. Energy independence is energy security.  By producing power on-site, your system can protect you from costly service interruptions. With a smart solar PV system designed and installed by SunGreen, not only will your energy costs drop significantly, they'll be stable, calculable and under your control.

Increased Property Value
With a smart sustainable solar upgrade that includes solar PV systems,  you can expect an increase in your building's value — the net income of the building will increase because it will cost less to operate. And thanks to California state law, you are protected against an associated increase in property tax.

Modern Appearance & Customer Goodwill
With an attractive solar PV system from SunGreen, your building's modern appearance will advertise your dedication to today's green values. You'll demonstrate to your customers that you walk the walk of corporate responsibility and care about a sustainable energy future for the generations to come. Not only does solar on your roof supply power for your business, it strengthens the positive perception of your brand in a way advertising can't, plus compared to a media buy, it's free.

Commercial Solar Financing & Purchase Options

Choose the right partner
SunGreen Systems is dedicated to helping you achieve the greatest energy savings at the least cost. We have been creating custom sustainable energy solutions in Southern California since 2009.  As experts in design, architecture, engineering and construction, we are uniquely able to offer full-service design, installation and support.

No-cost energy assessment.
Our expert team performs a site evaluation, analyzes your usage data and creates a detailed energy profile.

Technical recommendations.
Based on results, we make recommendations on how you can be more productive and save money, such as solar PV plus a smart battery system and an LED lighting upgrade.  All of our reports include return on investment analysis to ensure you understand your ROI.

If needed, we facilitate financing to meet your capital requirements and maximize incentives.

Unlike many solar companies, we are a full-service general contractor. We provide a single point of contact for your entire project.

From hotels to business complexes to government offices, we've helped commercial clients be more productive, effective and current in today's environmentally conscious world.

The time is now.

Pricing for solar has never been more favorable.
The cost of solar PV modules has fallen 75% since 2009.
• Inverter, mounting and other component prices have also dropped significantly.
• Increasing competition in the solar installation industry has resulted in better tools and techniques, driving costs down further.

Government incentives offer even more savings ... for now.
The biggest incentive, the federal government's solar investment tax credit (a 30% credit), is slated to expire at the end of 2016 for home solar and drop to 10% for commercial.  Solar power systems must be put in service by then to qualify for the credit.

Advances in technology are making today's systems better than ever.
Today. more sophisticated technology is producing more efficient solar equipment, as well as more powerful energy storage and better battery backup systems.

The solar marketplace has matured.
This means seasoned suppliers like SunGreen offer years of real-world experience, along with proven processes and customer service.  We’ve got you covered.  As experts in design and construction as well as in solar PV systems, SunGreen Systems handles every aspect of modernizing your business with solar — assessment, design, financing, permits, installation, and support.  Every system we build is a custom job, designed for each client's specific needs and unique situation.  We definitely do not believe one size fits all.

By carefully assessing and precisely analyzing your building and its energy use, we can design a system that will help you meet your goals within your budget.

Have a multi-level or small roof? Is much of it blanketed with equipment?
We've got you covered.

Does your installation need to maintain the aesthetics of existing architecture?
No problem.

We've handled dozens of unusual building situations and have the skills and experience to handle yours. In fact, as energy consultants with a background in architecture and design, we love innovating solutions to every problem.

We'll oversee each stage of the installation, ensuring that it's precisely what you need. Perhaps most important, we're always here for you to answer questions or help you live even more sustainably.

“SunGreen installed our 50 kW system in 2010. It has been a great investment with payback ahead of schedule. More importantly, everyone at SunGreen (top to bottom) made it very easy for us. Our [hotel] guests hardly noticed them here, and SunGreen took care of the permitting, approvals, design, engineering, etc. Three years later, the system continues to work great, and SunGreen continues to support us.” — F.X. Wang, Commercial Customer, 2013