Contact & Consultation

Every commercial customer is unique.
Their renewable energy solutions should reflect that.

We offer personalized services to help our customers meet their specific goals. This process starts with an initial phone call with one of our Project Developers.

During our first call we will discuss:

  • Your energy usage profile
  • Your project goals & budget
  • Potential renewable energy upgrades to achieve your goals

After our first call, SunGreen will:

  • Collect your previous 12 months of energy data
  • Design a custom renewable energy solution for your business
  • Run scenarios to develop a preliminary proposal
  • Schedule an in-person meeting

During our first meeting, we will:

  • Discuss our renewable energy proposal and answer any questions
  • Provide details of our solutions, which may include:
    • LED Lighting
    • Energy Storage
    • EV Charging
    • Cool Reroofing
  • If desired, discuss financing options for the project
  • Conduct a site visit to confirm assumptions and identify potential equipment locations & project challenges
  • Demonstrate why SunGreen Systems has the experience and expertise to be your top choice

Choosing a renewable energy provider is an important decision. We want you to feel comfortable taking your time and shopping around. If you decide to move forward with us, we will sign an agreement to proceed with the project. Our engineering and construction team will then conduct the on-site analysis.