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Lighting accounts for about 19% of commercial electricity consumption. Upgrading your old lighting to an LED lighting system can reduce your monthly lighting bill by 50% or more. Greater energy efficiency can be yours without increasing operating budget, and without any loss of aesthetic appeal.

Not convinced it's worth upgrading your office, warehouse or parking lot? Check out these savings:

In 2010, Starbucks slashed its stores' energy consumption by more than 80% by switching to LED lighting, saving an estimated $600 per year per 1000 ft² store and eliminating the equivalent carbon dioxide of 10 barrels of oil.

LED Lights Before and AfterIn 2013, Los Angeles finished replacing more than 141,000 yellowish high-pressure sodium street lights with white LED lighting. The LED fixtures use 63% less electricity. LED lighting fixtures also last much longer.

The city anticipates that LED lighting systems will save taxpayers $10 million per year in electricity savings and in avoided maintenance costs. Annual carbon emissions have been reduced by 45,000 metric tons. Another benefit that LED lighting systems bring is increased safety and security. Since LED lights were installed, the number of night crimes here have fallen. This lower crime rate has been linked to the improved LED lighting.

In 2014, more than 130 locations of Sheetz, the convenience store and gas station chain, installed LED interior and exterior lighting systems. At their pumps, the chain is saving 45% on interior lighting, and as much as 55% on exterior lighting.

LED lighting systems offer


LED lighting systems are

As part of our energy assessment, we will help you determine whether an LED systems upgrade is right for your business.

Cutting your energy demand before we design your solar installation means a smaller, more efficient energy system, and a lower cost to you.