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Solar you (and we) can be proud of

Since 2009, SunGreen Systems has been designing and installing custom turnkey solar PV solutions. These project summaries will help you get a better idea of our work. In 2015, SunGreen designed and installed a premium, 690+ rooftop solar panels for Mortech Manufacturing of Asuza, Calif. Prior to this, SunGreen also built an advanced commercial solar power system for the Los Angeles Dept. of Social Services in Glendale, Calif. This solar solution contained over 1,400 rooftop solar modules, custom installed atop the canopy of a parking structure. For YKK-USA Inc., located in Anaheim, CA, SunGreen designed and installed a cost-effective commercial rooftop solution containing 1,968 solar PV modules. These are just a few examples of SunGreen's extensive solar system design, engineering, and installation expertise. The below slideshow will go into dozens of SunGreen's recent solar installation projects in more detail.

  • Rooftop solar panel installation for business

    Athens Services

    Sun Valley, CA
Challenge Solution
    1. Main challenge was getting approval from LA Building and Safety for the non-penetrating roof clamps (S-5). In addition there was a rebate expiring for LADWP. Many requirements had to be met to ensure rebate reservation could be met before amount was lowered.  3rd party energy evaluation was required by LADWP for rebate procurement.

      Customer wanted as little disruptions to operations as possible.

  1. SunGreen worked closely with the non-penetrating roof clamp manufacturer (S-5) to gain a 1-time approval for this project. Making sure customer was satisfied was very important key consideration. Secured rebate for customer and also completed complex interconnection for a system of this size in LADWP territory.

Description: Commercial Building with Solar Panels
Installed: June 2017
Industry: Waste Management Facility
Products Used: Astro SolarTech
System Size: 728 Solar PV Modules
Capacity: 225 kW DC

Environmental Benefits:

• CO2 Offset in year 1: 328.5 tons
• CO2 Offset over life: 9,855 tons

CO2 emissions reduced: 328.5 tons per year, 9,855 tons per life of the system. Plant 1,641 trees per year, 49,230 per life of system

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